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Ty Morgan, Social Worker


We all have wounds emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. Matt has the unique ability and adequate skill set to assist people in finding the healing they urgently need.

Rev. Nobles Darby III, Pastor of Tradgey to Triumph Ministries writes…

When I think of my brother, Pastor Matt Williams, these 2 scriptures come to mind; “Rom. 12:7 and II Cor. 4:5”. These two texts exemplifies my brother’s, passion and heart for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years that I have sat under his teaching, it has increased my knowledge and understanding of how to exegesis and deliver the awesome word of God.

On a personal note, my brother has been a dear friend, a confidant and a true brother. He has been one that has used his gift generously and unselfishly to speak volumes of God’s word into my life. I can truly say once you meet my dear brother, your life will be impacted by his love and God like character.

Walter L. Ratcliffe, Senior Pastor of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church says…


Matt Williams and Moriah Counseling and Consulting have been extremely instrumental in the Grief Support Ministry at Good Shepherd Baptist Church. Matt has be involved with grief our support ministry from its inception and we are thankful for the direction, insight, and training he has provided. When we are in need of guidance in sensitive areas Matt is always available.


He has also helped us to develop programing for our grief ministry. His professionalism and compassion with has always been appreciated by our facilitators and ministry team. Matt has also been a referral resource when we encounter situations that our facilitators are not qualified or equipped to handle.


Matt has also shared the Word of God with our congregation with accuracy and clarity.


I consider Matt not only an invaluable resource but a friend.


Fr. Bob Wenz Retired pastor from St. Ambrose Parish in Brunswick, Ohio says that…


What Matt Williams brought, was much needed hope to hearts that were trying to prepare for the emptiness that so often comes with the Christmas season, to those who have lost those they love.   Good. Real. From the heart.      

Seth Toncar,  Pastor of Grace Church, Medina Campus adds…


Whether you are experiencing deep emotional pain or are simply searching for a trusted voice to provide wisdom for living, you can be confident that Matt will be a worthwhile guide in the journey of life.

Rev. Rick Carrell, Senior Pastor of Lakeview Church of God writes this…


When it comes to the building of community, Matt "gets it". Even better, when it comes to multiplying group leaders who "get it", Matt's engaging and easy manner is one of his many tools that instills confidence and growth in even the most green or seasoned leader. I've seen leaders move from willing but questioning, to willing and able. Best yet, I've seen them better able to press on in their own independent growth and development for years after.

Former Executive Pastor of Bedford Church of the Nazarene, Rev. Brad Taylor believes that…


Matt Williams is a gifted clinical counselor with a pastor's heart, which is a difficult combination to find. I am extremely confident in Matt's abilities as a clinician and recommend his services to those seeking counseling.

Don Verdell of Christ Church adds this…


As a [former] pastor of a large suburban church, the spiritual needs of our congregation are many.  I am so glad to have a man like Matt Williams to help meet their needs.  His caring and compassionate nature and his absolute commitment to Christ makes him a talented and gifted counselor.

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