Our History

Our story begins on a Saturday evening in early September, 2011. After years of my wife selecting a plethora of "chick-flicks" where a man and woman fall in love, get angry with each other, separate, and then at the end of the movie find one another again and ride off into the sunset to the land of "happily ever after," I was allowed to select the movie. So I chose "Courageous." All I knew was it had four cops on the poster and rave reviews. I was expecting shootings, car chases, massive destruction and all that a "man movie" could bring but what I got I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams.


That movie transformed my life! I was completely undone and God started making changes in my life. I longed to be the husband and father that I always wanted to be, but most of all I wanted to be the man that God wanted me to be. The transformation was like a nuclear bomb and in its wake was a man changed.


I wanted to be a part of something where God and spirituality could  bring true and lasting change in the lives of people.   I wanted to offer healing through Christ, instead of earthly wisdom and as a colleague and good friend once said, “placing band aids on styrofoam cups.”


By late November 2011 an idea formed in my heart and in the heart of my wife finally hit the air. While preparing to go to bed, my wife said, “why not start our own counseling agency”? From that moment the idea took wings. By December a friend and his brother, who is an expert in webpage marketing, offered to do my website. By January 2012 another friend offered his business assistance and yet another friend offered to make our logo. Finally, in February a local church and pastor gave us an office and building to use. Everything provided to us with no charge and all to help the Kingdom of God to advance.


In March 2012, Moriah Counseling and Consulting, LLC was born….the beginning!


But, God wasn't done.  In March of 2014, we felt once again that God was asking, "Do you trust Me?"  As always, our answer was "YES!"   Of course neither Sheri nor I knew that this call was going to be yet another big leap of faith.   What was simply a question from God in March became a new direction by June.  It was becoming obvious that God wanted us to move from our donated office space to a larger rented office space and by August we felt that the time had come to start looking for a new home.  So in November 2014, we moved to a beautiful 1000sq ft. office in North Royalton...right next to Marco's Pizza.


The first three and half years have been such a blessing.  To say that God has been faithful to provide for all our needs would be an understatement.  Hundreds of souls later, another new home down the street from that Marco's at 12608 State Road, and a growing staff….all we can say is “Thank you, Lord!”  And the journey continues!  


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PO Box 33526

North Royalton, OH 44133



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